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The real golden age of TV began on July 15, 2007, and ended April 19, 2009 – the run of “Rock of Love.”“Rock of Love” was a VH1 reality show where a house full of women tried to win the affection of rock star Bret Michaels.A little older than most contestants, Rodeo’s motherly qualities and ability to stop fights with her giant muscles made her a favorite on the show and made it all the more bittersweet when Bret eliminated her so she could go home to her son that she missed.Some of the challenges were based on situations they might encounter if they would actually become Michaels' girlfriend (read: alcohol, rock, sex, alcohol, porn, motorcrossing, rock and alcohol).Like , our eligible bachelor this time around is a sarcastic, level-headed millionaire with an active career.We caught up with five former contestants to hear about life after getting stabbed by the rose's thorn.'s first villain, screaming pro-PETA dogma at carnivore roommate Dallas, and getting annihilated in Vegas and crawling on -- then falling off -- the bar.And I was just like, there’s some idiots in this business. When asked if he had any regrets on passing, Taylor laughingly adds, “In retrospect, I was like, ‘Man, I should have just done one week and just ruined it.'” Taylor says he’s got a pretty good barometer of what will work for him and he’s felt fortunate to have been successful with the collaborations he’s chosen.

The women that rock his world will be given VIP passes and will be allowed to stay in his house.

During a recent appearance on KISW 99.9 FM’s ‘STP Cast,’ Taylor revealed that he was once approached about the series, but that he was never seriously considering it.

“I wanna say about seven years ago, I got called about being on or whatever the hell it was. There’s some stupid people who were given the keys to the kingdom.” The rocker says he was initially pissed that he was even considered, but then started laughing about it.

Ashley, was the de facto leader of the “Blondtourage,” season three’s crew of very foxy and very mean girls who picked on anyone and everyone else in the cast, effectively ruining their lives.

Sure, you wouldn’t want to sit by her in science class or anything, but as far as reality TV goes, she was gold.


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